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Frequently Asked Questions

We try our best to provide the most comprehensive information about our services. However, as therapy is a very personal thing sometimes there are questions, and we welcome them!

We've put together a list of the more common questions we get asked. If it's not in this list please get in touch with us.

  • What services do you offer?
    We offer one-to-one child psychotherapy, play therapy for under 7s, and consultations and advice for parents.
  • What is the cost per session?
    Each session last between 30 and 45 minutes, and costs £90 or 100euro
  • What ages do you work with?
    We are able to provide therapy for 3 to 18 year olds.
  • Do you help parents?
    Yes. We always encourage parents / guardians to get involved as much as possible in their children's therapy sessions.
  • Do you write reports following accidents, family-court and for voice of the child?
    Yes, we write reports after seeing the young person for 7 sessions. This includes an assessment and review of the young person.
  • Are you only able to help people local to Child Therapy NI?
    We help young people Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and all over the UK.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, we accept all major credit / debit cards, Pay Mobile, and cash.
  • Are you able to do consultations over the phone?
    Yes. Telephone consultations cost £65 per 45 minutes.
  • How long is your waiting list?
    At present we do not have a waiting list. We hope to see new clients within a week of getting in touch.
  • How many therapists work at Child Therapy NI?
    At present we have two child therapists on our service.
  • How long is a therapy program?
    Our therapy program consists of 12 sessions, including an initial assessment, review, and evaluation; with drop-in sessions scheduled in the future if required.
  • Do you work with children with autism?
    Absolutely! Therapy is amazing for children with ASD. They don't have to talk, as they can communicate through all the objects and therapies within the room, with no expectations. It provides the young person with a voice voice and helps them to process all their emotions. We also provide them with tools and techniques to help them deal with daily struggles.
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